• Single-layer technology for 1000 vdc and 1500 vdc
    for cost down roadmap
  • Zero risk of backsheet delamination
    for increased module durability
  • Highest reflectivity
    for increased module efficiency


The mono-backsheet consists of hydrolysis and UV resistant low shrink PV PET with surface modifications applied during the extrusion process.


At the cell side the PET has been modified for exceptional reflectivity, UV blocking and high adhesion to EVA (up to 100 N/cm depending on EVA type and lamination conditions).


At the air side the PET has been modified for weatherability and UV resistance and can be additionally enhanced with an extra-protective F layer for specific customer requirements.

Whereas the PV industry strives for solar modules that have the different layers encapsulated together as one inseparable block, it has had to accept relatively low adhesion values between the layers of laminated backsheet. Agfa’s UNIQOAT fundamentally eliminates adhesion issues and the risk of delamination by offering the backsheet that includes all relevant functionality in one single layer: the mono-backsheet.

This is achieved by using Agfa’s proprietary coating technology to modify the PET surface during the PET extrusion process itself. All UNIQOAT backsheet types are the result of this unique one-step manufacturing process. Compared to backsheet production via consecutive steps UNIQOAT holds great cost reduction potential and opportunities for future developments.

All the reasons why UNIQOAT is the next-gen backsheet

No delamination

UNIQOAT is the world’s only true single-layer backsheet for PV solar modules. It consists of only one single layer and can thus not delaminate by-design.

Reflectivity champion

we ensure the best quality and reliability of products and services. Quality is one of our top priority: we continuously try to meet and surpass the quality levels expected by our customers.

Sustainable cost down

The single-step manufacturing process delivers readyfor- use backsheet instantly. This anticipates great cost down potential compared to the laborious and time consuming multi-step production of laminated multilayer backsheet.

Module strength up 20x

With around 5 N/cm adhesion strength between its layers, the multi-layer laminated backsheet itself is the weakest link in a module. By its single-layer design UNIQOAT backsheet has finally solved this structural weakness and elevates the EVA adhesion strength to 100 N/cm on average.

Damage proof

In the single-layer UNIQOAT backsheet, all the required protective properties are equally present across the full material thickness. And so, neither erosion nor accidental damage of the backsheet during module manufacturing or installation will cause accelerated module degradation or power decline.

100% Contribution

Unlike in multi-layer backsheets, the material properties to ensure electrical insulation as well as hydrolysis and UV resistance are present across the full thickness and in every mm³ of the UNIQOAT backsheet. That is also why its full material thickness actively contributes to achieving IEC standards for RTI and DTI.

High grade PET

Contrary to multi-layer backsheets that include a core layer of standard electrical grade PET, the singlelayer backsheet offers the mechanical strength and electrical insulation capacity as well as hydrolysis and UV resistance of a high grade PET in its full thickness.


The single-layer backsheet consists of one homogenousmaterial with exceptional dimensional stability and does therefore not know material tensions like those generated in multi-layer laminated backsheet by the high lamination temperature. Its exceptional low shrinkage allows for higher lamination temperatures than standard backsheet and consequently lower lamination time and higher production efficiency.


Unlike laminated backsheets, UNIQOAT backsheet is manufactured without the use of solvent adhesives and production waste is recycled. The PET is fully recycleable at end-of-life of the module.


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